Knowing that someone may be watching you can lead to improved performance. This is called the Hawthorne Effect. Drivers with bumper stickers may actually become better drivers.
Driver Reporting Made Easy

Web-based driver reporting allows you to take advantage of internet technology to lower the cost of driver reporting in your fleet. Roadzoo Bumper StickerWhether you have a fleet of vehicles or a teenage driver, the rest of the world just became your eyes. 

When you sign up for the RoadZoo service you will recieve a sticker for the back of your vehicles. This sticker has a number that can be used in reporting good or bad driving through

Why use it?
If a driver knows that they may be reported for bad driving they will make a conscious effort to be a good driver. Also some insurance companies may offer incentives if you use a driver reporting service. This can mean safety and savings for you. RoadZoo makes use of internet technology to lower the cost of driver reporting.



Drive to Survive
This easy to read book will "open your eyes" and help you seesome of the biggest safety issues on the road. "This book teaches all of the things they did not teachyou in Drivers Ed."

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Things to Remember;
A Handbook for Drivers
Beginning with the retro styling on the cover and continuing through the last page this book is chock full of great driving tips. Many are common sense but when talking about safety on the road it never hurts to have a reminder of the basics.

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Car Talk
"This book should be given out along with driver's licenses" Click and Clack are the hosts of a delightfully funny (or punny) radio show on public radio. Their listeners generally get addicted because the show is so entertaining. You'll find yourself coming up with excuses to wake up at 7:00 a.m. Saturday mornings to listen to the show. The book is just as good!
Car Talk
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